The Spanish River has been utilized as a canoe route for hundreds of years. Canada's First Nations used the waterway as a main transportation link between the North Shore of Lake Huron and the James Bay Watershed. The Spanish River now serves as a popular canoe-tripping destination for all levels of paddlers. This beautiful river has gained the reputation of being a perfect introduction to whitewater with gentle rapids, attractive flat water sections and scenic shorelines.
To the delight of many, both the east and west branches of the Spanish are now protected as a Waterway Provincial Park, which includes one of the largest stands of Red and White Pine forests in the world. Spanish River Outfitters is a division of Fox Lake Resort which offers a broad range of outfitting services to the Spanish River canoe tripper and outdoor enthusiast. Friendly staff will help you plan and provide safe shuttling services to almost anywhere in the Spanish Forest.
Shuttle Services
Fox Lake Resort staff can shuttle you in our vehicle or yours to a number of destinations such as Duke Lake or the Elbow or the train station in Cartier and will pick you up from the Elbow & Agnew Lake. We also will arrange a drop off of your vehicle at your take out point. Any combination of services is available to service your unique trip plans.
Canoe & Equipment Rental
Spanish River Outfitters rents Royalex canoes with or without floatation bags, perfect for river travel. Paddles PFDs, throw ropes, whistle & bailer are always included as part of any rental package. We also rent a wide range of overnight camping equipment.
The Spanish River is unique in that it possesses two beautiful branches that merge at the "Forks" north of Pogamasing. Each branch offers something completely different.
For an introduction to whitewater, the East Branch is ideal. Depart from Duke Lake and spend 4-5 days paddling to the Elbow, approximately 3.5 km from Fox Lake Resort.
The West Branch of the Spanish is more challenging and rugged. Starting from Biscotasi Lake the West Branch is for the experienced canoeist and is typically a seven day trip to the "Elbow".
Need some help choosing your route? Check out our helpful Route Suggestions with distances, durations and difficulty ratings.
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